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Survey Vessels:   Offshore Marine Vessels

Stemming from a NOAA Fishing Industry Grant, CR has assisted several New England Commercial fisherman and lobstermen in outfitting their vessels for oceanographic surveys. These vessels range in size from 38 to 55 feet.

Capabilities of this class of vessel include offshore multibeam bathymetric, geophysical, and underwater video surveys, oceanographic mooring operations, sediment profile camera surveys, fisheries research, and oceanographic equipment testing. Vessels of this class are deeper draft with good sea keeping abilities for offshore operations. Several of these vessels transit by water to survey sites from Maine to New Jersey.

Recent projects with this class of vessel include:

  • Sea Turtle Oceanographic Study including CTD and ADCP Surveys, and Bongo Net Zooplankton Collections Offshore New Jersey to Maryland for the Coonamesett Farm Foundation and NOAA NMFS
  • Underwater Video, Sediment Profile Camera Operations, and Benthic Grab Sampling on the Neptune LNG Pipeline Monitoring Program in Mass Bay for Ecology & Environment
  • Multibeam Bathymetric and Geophysical Surveys for a Tidal Energy Project in Eastport, Marine for Ocean Renewal Power Corporation
  • Multibeam Bathymetric and SPI Surveys at Dredged Material Disposal Sites from Maine to New York for AECOM Environment and DAMOSVision JV on the U.S. ACOE DAMOS Contract
  • Geophysical Survey, Underwater Video Observations, Diver Support, and Vibracore Sampling for the Sconsett Beach Nourishment Project off Nantucket, MA for Epsilon Associates
  • Annual Hardbottom Underwater Video/ROV Surveys for the MWRA Outfall Monitoring Program in Massachusetts Bay for AECOM Water and Normandeau Associates

Photos: (Click to enlarge)

Encourager underway towing side scan and magnetometer sensors using drogue bouys to limit speed

Above: Encourager underway towing side scan and magnetometer sensors using drogue bouys to limit speed