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Ecological Risk / Impact Assessment

CR's ecological risk and environmental impact assessment experience includes nearly 20 years of sole- source project design and implementation.

We frequently conduct data acquisition, analysis and reporting for risk / impact assessment projects managed by larger environmental consulting firms.

Our terrestrial and strong wetland /aquatic sampling and mapping capabilities and specialized equipment pool have supported our industrial and regulatory client's projects across the Northeast.

Staff expertise includes macroinvertebrate bioassessment, botany, wildlife habitat characterizations and modeling of food-web transfer of bioaccumulative contaminants.

Experience includes projects mandated by Federal (e.g., CERCLA, RCRA) and State legislation.

Examples of project experience and approaches are listed below:

→ Ecological Risk Assessment

  • Ecological Risk Assessment of Dioxin in Terrestrial, Wetland, and Aquatic Habitats. Colrain, MA
  • Former Lead Mill Ecological Risk Support and Habitat Characterization. Salem, MA
  • Superfund Project Support, RIFS, Site Characterization, and Risk Assessment. New Bedford, MA
  • Former Municipal Landfill Screening Level Ecological Risk Assessment. Putnam, CT
  • Stage II Environmental Risk Charcterization Adjacent to Ash Disposal Site. Rutland, MA

→ Environmental Impact Reporting (EIR)

  • Old English Square Mixed-Use Development EIR, Wetlands and Rare Species. Holbrook, MA
  • Fibre Optic Communications Cable Installation. Vineyard Sound, MA
  • Barrier Beach Construction and Borrow Site Permitting. Nantucket, MA
  • Lakeshore Center Mixed-Use Development EIR, Wetlands and Rare Species. Bridgewater, MA

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Dioxin Contaminated Stream Mapping

Above: Dioxin Contaminated Stream Mapping

Sampling and Mapping of Former Lead Mill

Above: Sampling and Mapping of Former Lead Mill