Underwater Video Surveys

CR Environmental, Inc. performs underwater video surveys in support of biological monitoring programs, eel grass surveys, habitat and substrate mapping, engineering studies, archaeological surveys, and underwater target identification. CR owns and maintains several video systems, ranging from small 12VDC powered cameras and digital video recorders for use in less than 1 meter of water to a video sled with high-powered LED lights, laser scaling system, armored cable, and oceanographic slipring for use in 100+ meters of water. Our video grab system was custom-built to allow visual confirmation of precise sample locations, particularly important when sampling disposal mounds or in man-made channels.

CR's video survey methodology has been successfully applied to pipeline and cable route planning studies, including cable route planning under the new Massachusetts Ocean Management Plan. GPS coordinate overlays, laser scaling, and 1080p HD video capabilities can be added to any of the platforms as needed.

ROV monitoring of an offshore wastewater diffuser

HD Video Screen Capture of Lobster CR's Custom-Built Video Sled

CR's available video systems and representative projects are provided below and sample clips are provided near the bottom of the page:

Towed Video Sled

  • Pre- and Post-Construction LNG Pipeline Permitting Survey. Masssachusetts Bay, MA
  • NOAA Cooperative Research Trawl Video and ROV Study. Massachusetts Bay, MA
  • Buzzards Bay Disposal Site Underwater Video Sled Survey for MA CZM. Buzzard's Bay, MA
  • ACOE DAMOS CAD Cell and Disposal Site Video Sled Monitoring Surveys. CT, MA, and ME

ROV Operations

  • Onondaga Lake Cultural Resource Survey. Syracuse, NY
  • MWRA Hard Bottom ROV-based HD Video Survey. Massachusetts Bay, MA
  • MWRA Sewer Outfall Diffuser Inspections. Massachusetts Bay, MA

Shallow Water Towed Video Platform

  • Historic Landfill Geotextile and Backfill Monitoring/Sampling. Newport, RI
  • Martha's Vineyard Salt Pond Channel Scour Inspection. Vineyard Haven, MA
  • Mohegan Indian Tribe Aquaculture Lease Site Underwater Video Survey. Fisher's Island Sound, CT
  • Side Scan Sonar Ground Truthing and Sediment Sample Planning. Penobscott River, ME

Video Grab and Bottom Video Platform

  • West Island Disposal Mound Sampling for MA CZM. Buzzard's Bay, MA
  • New York City Drinking Water Reservoir Intake Channel Sampling. Armonk, NY
  • Wind Turbine Permitting/Benthic Habitat Video and HD Still Survey. Hull, MA
  • Eelgrass and Benthic Habitat Video and Sampling Survey. Newport, RI

Video sled drift for sand resource mapping project

Video sled drift for eelgrass mapping project confirms acoustically mapped boundary
between SAV stand and sand.