Sediment and Water Sampling

CR Environmental, Inc. provides extensive sediment and water sampling services including vibracoring, box coring, push coring, gravity/piston coring, and grab sampling. CR owns a large inventory of sampling equipment as well as numerous survey vessels, and we can tailor a sampling program to meet any project's goals. Typical sampling projects vary in size and complexity from single-day lake bottom characterizations to multi-year offshore monitoring programs. CR is capable of collecting 20+ foot vibracores in diameters from two to four inches using custom-designed vibracoring systems. Note that the efficiency of many sampling efforts can be augmented by geophysical remote sensing data such as sub bottom profiling and side scan sonar.

Example Vibracore Showing Stratigraphy R/V Lophius Collecting a Vibracore

Examples of our sediment and water sampling experience can be found below.


  • LNG Pipeline Route Vibracoring. Fall River, MA
  • PCB and Coal Tar Remediation Vibracoring Efforts. New Bedford, MA
  • Shallow Water Coal Tar and PAH Vibracoring. Exeter, NH
  • Wetland, Marsh and Aquatic Vibracoring. Hingham, MA
  • NYC CSO Dredging Project Vibracoring. Queens, NY

Box, Push, and Gravity/Piston Coring

  • Boston Harbor CAD Cell Cap Characterization Box Coring. Boston, MA
  • Shallow Water Pond Push Coring. Easthampton and Ayer, MA
  • Gravity/Piston Coring at ACOE Offshore Disposal Area. Massachusetts Bay, MA

Grab Sampling

  • Benthic Sampling along Offshore LNG Pipeline Route. Massachusetts Bay, MA
  • Grab Samples and Vibracores for Naval Station Remediation. Washington DC
  • Shallow Water Lake Bottom Characterization. Wakefield, MA

Water Sampling

  • Offshore Disposal Site Toxicity/Elutriate Test Water and Sediment Sampling. Massachusetts Bay, MA
  • Naval Ordinance Facility Water Sampling. Indian Head, MD
  • Shallow Water Pond Water Sampling for Trace Metal and TDS Analysis. Noroton, CT