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Important Addition to Offshore Work Capabilities

R/V James K. Goodwin

The R/V James K. Goodwin, a seaworthy Graham 110-ft vessel with comfortable berths for 22 and a fully equipped galley, now names Boston as its home port. The vessel, owned by CR's collaborator GMS, is currently outfitted for AUV support tasks. We anticipate utilization on offshore wind turbine and environmental monitoring projects. A preliminary specification sheet for the vessel is provided here.


NOAA RNC Tile Service displays first ENC-only product,

CR is proud to have contributed to this important mapping effort. The lower Merrimack River is a beautiful natural resource with an important and economically significant history.

Lower Merrimack River


Collaborative effort to create new nautical chart returns recreational boaters to Haverhill, Massachusetts,

Working under contract to the Greater Haverhill Foundation, CR performed bathymetric and side scan sonar surveys of an approximately eight mile reach of the Merrimack River between Merrimac and Haverhill, Massachusetts in 2014. NOAA's Office of Coast Survey merged the 2014 data with ACOE multibeam data (2004) and NOAA LiDAR data to construct a 1:12,000 chart of the river from Newburyport to downtown Haverhill. We're proud to have contributed to this economically important charting effort.

Merrimack River Survey Reach Portion of ENC US5MA1AM in Merrimac, MA



Environmental/Oceanographic Technician

CR Environmental, Inc. is seeking a scientist/oceanographic technician to perform marine and fresh water survey and sampling operations. An Environmental Sciences background and basic mechanical, electronic, and boating skills are required. The applicant should have experience performing coastal survey and sampling operations, such as bathymetric and geophysical mapping, sediment sampling, and water quality monitoring. The applicant must have strong computer skills, including Windows networking experience, and be interested in the operation of navigation, survey equipment, and associated survey software. Responsibilities will include data processing and report preparation. Survey training will be provided for qualified applicants. Contact Chip Ryther or Charlotte Cogswell at 508-563-7970. chip@crenvironmental.com

CR took delivery of the 25-foot purpose-built Hydrographic Survey Vessel, R/V Cyprinodon, in August, 2016. We've since deployed Cyprinodon on several multibeam surveys from Connecticut to Maine using our R2 Sonic "Sonic 2022" system (upgraded to 700-kHz), single-beam bathymetric surveys, side-scan surveys, underwater video mapping of eelgrass and a challenging ADCP survey. The vessel has performed without fault on each mission. Importantly, she's got great seats and a heated pilot house! We look forward to welcoming you aboard.


Overdue Update!

Thanks to our wonderful clients, it's been a busy few years. We are grateful!

Captain Ben Maher joined CR in 2014 and has proven himself to be an outstanding navigator, shallow water hydrographer and environmental technician.

In the Spring of 2015, we added an R2 Sonic "Sonic 2022" multi beam system and an IxBlue Octans heading/motion system to our equipment pool. These were followed by upgrades to CR's CTD and SVP collection with an AML Minos-X SVP, YSI Castaway and YSI ProDSS. Additional state-of-the-art RTK GPS systems have been added to our hydrographic and wetlands equipment pools.

R/V Jamie Hanna has been working with CR from Florida to Maine supporting scores of offshore multibeam sonar surveys, extensive AUV support tasks, and NOAA CO-OPS tide/current monitoring & modeling projects. Jamie Hanna has diligently supported ALL of CR's US ACE DAMOS, HARS and Deepwater Wind field efforts. It's noteworthy that she's been outftted with specialized gear for retrieval of large AUV's.

In 2015, CR conducted the Massachusetts portion of EPA's National Coastal Condition Assessment (NCAA) under contract to MA CZM. The project involved intensive sediment and water sampling at more than 50 sites which spanned the entire Massachusetts coastline.

CR has continued to conduct several variable-scale hydrographic surveys per year for the US ACE DAMOS Program. Since our last update, we've also conducted three multibeam surveys at the NY Bight HARS site with a line-mile total approaching 2,300. We're particularly appreciative of the extraordinary hospitality afforded by the folks at the Blue Bay Inn of Atlantic Highlands, NJ.

Other challenging hydrographic or environmental investigations since our last update seem innumerable. We're proud to provide continuing support for the Superfund (CERCLA) remediation efforts at New Bedford Harbor, MA and Onondaga Lake, NY, amongst many others. Re-visiting the Gilboa Dam (Schoharie Reservoir, NY) in support of rebuilding and tunneling efforts with our new multibeam system was particularly rewarding after a 19-year intermission. The views of the Palisades from Lophius on the Hudson River were thoroughly appreciated. Tasks supporting water supply reservoirs have been the icing!


Small Boat Captain/Oceanographic Technician Position Available

Small Boat Captain/Oceanographic Technician CR Environmental, Inc. is seeking a captain/oceanographic technician to perform oceanographic survey and sampling operations. An Environmental Sciences background and a U.S. Coast Guard Captain's License is required, as well as extensive small boat experience to be able to operate and maintain 14-26 ft survey vessels and associated equipment. The applicant will be required to perform coastal survey and sampling operations, such as coring, bottom grab sampling, bathymetric, and geophysical surveys. The applicant should have basic computer experience and be familiar with precision navigation systems and survey software. Some in-house data processing and report preparation may be required. Contact Chip Ryther or Charlotte Cogswell at 508-563-7970. chip@crenvironmental.com


R/V Jamie Hanna

We've put together a detailed brochure for the R/V Jamie Hanna.

This 55-foot vessel has provided a stable, fast and economical platform for CR and our client's since her August 2012 launch. Project experience (so far) has included geophysical, hydrographic, ecological, and archaeological surveys for alternative energy projects, offshore disposal site monitoring, cable route surveys and buoy maintenance.


CR launches newsletter

CR is pleased to release its first newsletter. Feel free to read it online, print it out and pass it along.


CR takes ownership of Odom MB1 and put it to the test in New York City

In late December, CR took ownership of an Odom MB1 multibeam sonar system, and immediately put it to use on the R/V Lophius surveying in Brooklyn and Queens. The survey was designed to map impacts from hurricane Sandy, which impacted the greater New York Harbor area in October. The MB1 performed incredibly well, providing soundings in as shallow as 4 feet of water while maintaining ACOE-specified accuracy levels.

MB1 Multibeam Mounted on R/V Lophius Odom MB1 Real Time Appliance (RTA) Time Tagging All Data for Export to Hypack


Jamie Hanna Article in Marine Technology Reporter

An article detailing the building of the R/V Jamie Hanna has been published in Marine Technology Reporter's October 2012 edition. The article is available here. In the meantime, the Jamie Hanna has been surveying several ACOE DAMOS sites in Maine and Massachusetts, utilizing a Reson 8101 Multibeam.

The R/V Jamie Hanna at anchor in Surry, Maine Reson 8101 and Odom Digibar mounted on the R/V Jamie Hanna's boom


R/V Jamie Hanna and Teledyne Odom Hydrographic MB-1 Demonstration

On September 18 and 19, 2012, the Jamie Hanna was used to demonstrate the new Teledyne Odom Hydrographics MB-1 Multibeam Sonar System. The MB-1 is a new, low-cost multibeam system that was built by Teledyne from the ground up. CR will be seriously evaluating the MB-1, and hopes to own one of the first units available for retail sale.

MB1 Multibeam Data at Hull Gut The R/V Jamie Hanna demonstrating the Odom MB1


Jamie Hanna Launched

At 1015 on Tuesday, August 14, 2012, the research vessel Jamie Hanna was launched in Saint George, Maine. The inital shakedown run was successful, yielding a top speed of 21.7 knots, and a cruising speed of 17-18 knots. Fuel burn was impressively low, at 30 GPH at cruise.

The R/V Jamie Hanna is launched The R/V Jamie Hanna after sea trial The R/V Jamie Hanna, seen from above


Jamie Hanna Vessel Survey Underway

Exciting news! We expect the launching of the Jamie Hanna in St. George, Maine to take place next week. A CR Environmental, Inc. sponsored NOAA/NOS & ACOE compliant survey of vessel monuments is underway. Scores of millimeter-accurate 3D benchmarks are being set throughout the vessel to allow accurate installation of any instrument above or below deck, esp. multibeam echo sounders and motion sensors. Survey documentation stamped by a PLS (ME) will be available in hard-copy & CAD formats. Fabrication of a faired and reinforced adjustable over-the-side transducer boom is nearly complete, and we predict that the system will substantially increase transducer stability at high speeds.

The Jamie Hanna's first survey will be a mid-September demonstration and performance test of the new Teledyne Odom Hydrographic multibeam system. Please let us know if you'd like to inspect the vessel or contact Paul at OGI to see the new Odom MB1 multibeam sonar in acquisition mode.

The R/V Jamie Hanna gets ready for launch day The R/V Jamie Hanna gets ready for launch day


Construction of the Jamie Hanna continues

The working deck of the Jamie Hanna, with two winch mounts located forward The pilothouse of the Jamie Hanna, looking forward The pilothouse of the Jamie Hanna, looking aft. Hydraulic controls are located inside.


CR's R/V Astro Involved in Archaeological Investigation in New Bedford Harbor

R/V Astro conducting geophysical survey in support of archaeological investigation R/V Astro supporting Video Hydro Probe archaeological investigation


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