Hydrographic Surveys

CR Environmental specializes in the design and execution of marine and freshwater hydrographic (bathymetric) surveys. Single-beam (dual and single-frequency), multibeam, and interferometric swath echo sounding systems are used to collect water depth and bottom feature data. Projects range from environmental investigations of rivers and volumetric analysis of reservoir systems to precision offshore mapping in support of dredging and disposal, marine construction, oil exploration, and cable/pipeline installations. Hydrographic surveys are often designed to facilitate simultaneous acquisition of other remote sensing data such as side scan sonar, sub bottom profiling, and magnetometer mapping. CR's multibeam sonar systems are configured to record 200-700 kHz backscatter and side scan data during acquisition of bathymetric data.

CR hydrographers are NSPS/THSOA Certified. Survey data meet accuracy requirements more stringent than U.S. Federal and international performance standards and are always accompanied by clear documentation of uncertainties. Products are delivered in GIS and CAD formats to simplify integration with data layers from other geophysical sensors or topographic data. Interactive 3D data visualizations are produced to augment plan view layers.

Sakonnet River Bridge Multibeam Survey Data Eastport, Maine Multibeam Bathymetric Map
Estuarine Multibeam Survey Data for Dredge Monitoring: 0 - 6 ft MLLW Backscatter from Multibeam used to Map Disposed Sediments

Representative recent project experience is listed below:

Dredge and Disposal Support

  • Boston Harbor CAD Cell Multibeam Surveys, Boston, MA
  • New Bedford Harbor Superfund Site Progress Dredge Surveys, New Bedford, MA
  • ACOE DAMOS Program Multibeam Surveys, CT, RI, MA, and ME (2003 - 2017)
  • ACOE HARS Program Multibeam Surveys, NY (2013 - )

Reservoir and Lake Management

  • Bathymetry of Seven NYCDEP Catskill/Delaware Range Reservoirs, NY
  • Volumetric Analysis of West Hartford and Central Connecticut Reservoirs, CT
  • Volumetric and Morphometric Analyses to Support Lake Management Plan, Conesus, NY

Site Characterization, Remediation Feasibility, and FERC Investigations

  • Gowanus Canal Superfund Site Bathymetric Survey, New York City, NY
  • Tidal Power Generation FERC License Survey, Bay of Fundy, ME
  • Dam Removal and Improvement FERC Studies, Penobscot River, ME

Coastal Engineering

  • Beach and Bluff Nourishment, Engineering Study Support, Nantucket, MA
  • Beach Nourishment and Borrow Pit Development, Winthrop, MA
  • Beneficial Use and Beach Nourishment for Hammonasset Beach State Park, Milford, CT

River Engineering

  • Connecticut River FEMA Flood Mapping, NH, MA, and CT
  • Bridge Scour Study for Bridge Construction, New Haven, CT
  • Pre- and Post-Construction Surveys of the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, Colorado River, CO